5 Key Ways to Engage your Facebook Business Page Fans

5 Key Ways to Engage your Facebook Business Page Fans

We ’ve all heard that if you are in
business , you need to have a
Facebook Business page or Fan page .
Now that you’ve gone ahead and built
your Facebook fan page , what ’s the
next step?
If you build it they will come… or will
If you now do nothing with your
Facebook page , it will do nothing for
you. Congratulations , you have a
cyber -slug!
If you don’ t have the time to spend
keeping your page updated , or you
don’t have the cash in your business
to pay someone else to keep your
page updated, you are wasting your
time. It ’s that simple .
We ’re a fickle crowd . If you are not
keeping your page current and
populated with new and interesting
bits and pieces to read, you won’ t be
top of mind with those that have liked
your page.
Without posting on your wall, your
fans are not seeing your page in their
newsfeed. Your fans will have to
remember to find and revisit your
page . They won’ t.
When was the last time you actively
visited a page on Facebook purely
because you thought of it ?
Or did you see a post or comment in
your newsfeed from a friend that
caught your eye and you clicked
through to find out more .
My guess is option 2 . Most of us
operate that way. We see what others
are doing or talking about and then
go and have a look see .
With that in mind , how can you apply
the browsing habits of most online
users to your Facebook page strategy
to ensure people continue to visit
your page?
1 . Post 2 to 3 times per week
Yes , per week. Be on your wall posting
articles , comments , questions, videos,
photos , etc at least 2 to 3 times per
week to keep your page fans engaged.
If you are not talking to your page
visitors , someone else will be .
2 . Post at different times of the day /
different days of the week
Unless you know exactly when your
page fans are online, make an effort
to post at different times of the day
and also, post on different days of the
week .
By posting at different times of the
day , you can make sure you are
appearing in the newsfeed of your
fans at differing times . People are
online at different times of the day .
Some like to early morning browse.
Some jump online after lunch. Others
do a quick catch up on what’ s
happening at dinner time or when
they’ve finally put the kids to bed and
have a few moments to themselves.
Likewise, some people are more active
on weekdays. Others browse on the
weekend when things have slowed
down at work.
Know when your target market is
online and post specifically to tap into
their peak browsing times .
3 . Repost your content
It ’s perfectly fine to write one single
article and post the same article to
your wall 2 or 3 times . Just make sure
you spread out the time between the
For example , you may post an article
at the start of the month and repost it
at the end of the month . Why ? No one
can possibly be on Facebook 24 hours
a day . There will be fans that would
love to read your content but were
not online when you first posted it.
Reposting gives people the chance to
catch it on the second time around.
4 . Post Content from other Sources
Be seen as in information
disseminator. As well as sharing your
own information, source material that
you know will appeal to your target
market .
If you read an article that was helpful
to you in business , chances are , it will
also benefit others . So share it.
Your Facebook page visitors will
appreciate the gesture and may even
“on -share” it , citing you as the
reference point where they found it .
This is where the ability to tag in
Facebook can be really useful . An
article you found and posted can
easily be shared as a link by someone
else, with a tag to your page as a
thank you for sharing. Win-win !
5 . Respond to Comments or
If someone posts a question or a
comment on your page , reply . Sounds
simple, but I ’m amazed how many
people don’t even bother to visit their
own page to see what is happening
on the wall.
Engaging with your visitors is an ideal
way to establish rapport and build up
a following of loyal fans who will love
to hear from you.
If you do this , chances are next time
they have a question in your field of
expertise , they ’ll ask you. Their friends
will also see that they’ ve posted on
your Facebook business page wall and
some will click through to see why.
Why Did you Build a Facebook
Business Page ?
Your aim when building a Facebook
business page should be to generate
traffic to your page , as a source of
potential leads , clients and customers.
Your challenge is to keep them
interested when they get there . Keep
them engaged . Keep them coming
That way they’ll see you as the expert
and seek your advice and opinion
when they have an issue to solve or
question to ask .

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