Top 7 email marketing tips

Top 7 email marketing tips

Email marketing is the most powerful
online advertising method. Emails are
widely used to communicate in
businesses and individuals . If you
target your customers through an
effective email campaign you success
rate would be amazing and quick .
Here are some tips you can follow in
your email marketing to get good
results .
Designing: An attractive design of your
email template is very important for
any email campaign . Design a neat
and professional template that looks
good to the eyes of your prospects .
You can design your own or buy
template designs . Most of the email
software contains readymade
templates for your use .
Email body : Body or the sales letter of
an email is very important. It should
draw the attention of your customers
quickly . Use eye catchy words on
email heading and body .
Keywords and links: Concentrate on
keywords people use to search your
product and include those keywords
in first line of your email and heading .
This is one important aspect most of
the email marketers forget to do. If
you can include those high volume
keywords in your email , you can be
sure about good response. Link your
domain to some good keywords
instead of giving full website address.
Fonts : Never use large fonts . Always
use a small font with normal size.
Even if you use an ethical email
sending service, sometimes your
email will be marked as spam if you
use more large fonts.
Html or text: Html templates really
look professional, but a recent survey
says that text emails are most viewed
and most responded . Many free email
providers block the content of html
emails . Therefore you had better write
an attractive text email .
Your email list: You can build your
own email list or purchase good email
list from others. Building your own list
consumes lot of time. Buying an email
list is easy and quick way.
Spam laws : When you run a campaign
please do not forget to follow spam
rules . Do not send frequent emails .
Do not use spam words and your
email will be detected by spam filters
and you cannot reach inbox of your
customers . Do not put so many links
in your letter. Do not give any false
promise and say genuinely what you
offer them . Please provide your
customers with opt out option for
your emails . Mentioning your name ,
address and phone numbers would
get you more response.
I hope these tips would be useful to
you to run successful email marketing .

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