Factors for Effective PPCAdvertising

Factors for Effective PPCAdvertising

PPC Advertising is one of the tenets of
Internet Marketing; marketers the
world over invest large amounts of
money in paid search ads to give their
websites prominence in the SERPs . If
money is being parted with, it is
essential that PPC campaigns perform
to the standard that marketers expect.
Underutilisation of any of the core
features of PPC can lead to the ads
underperforming and a low return on
investment . By considering each factor
involved , marketers will have the best
chance of their ads leading to a profit .
As Search Engine PPC ads can quickly
lead to large amounts of money being
spent, it is important to ensure that
they are as targeted as possible. An ad
which drives large amounts of
unqualified and uninterested traffic to
your web page is worse than useless ,
as it will result in unnecessary
spending. Marketers should consider
the immediate restrictions to their
service , as these can often be used to
their advantage. For example , if a
service is limited to a particular region ,
it makes sense to focus on local users
who have the opportunity to make
the most out of your offering. Google
offer geo-targeting capabilities that
ensure that brands get exposure
when users search from applicable
regions. Location- based keywords can
also factor in adding relevance for
users searching for location-specific
services, ensuring that marketers
don' t throw away money in attracting
anyone outside their reach.
Marketers may not have considered
the pluses of negative keywords for
funneling relevant traffic. Sometimes it
is beneficial to exclude certain
keywords that despite being deemed
relevant are not useful or likely to sell
your service . The tool can be used
when an exception to a list of related
available services is searched ,
ensuring that visitors that arrive at a
website aren 't there under the false
hope of finding a service the business
doesn' t provide . Negative keywords
aren 't limited in scope and can be
used to block out any type of
unqualified searcher . Prospective
negative keywords are often provided
by keyword tools, so are easy to locate
and implement .
The more specific a search term is ,
the more likely it is that the potential
customer knows exactly what they
want . Long -tail keywords are useful
because they drive more relevant
traffic, and are generally cheaper than
keywords which are wider in scope.
Research is necessary if marketers
wish to capitalise on long -tail
keyword combinations. Fortunately,
Google keyword tool offers suggestion
based on already - considered
keywords. However , it is wise to
combine suggested keywords with
marketer -considered keywords. If the
marketer has a good idea of their
target market , creating a list of
potentially lucrative long- tail keywords
shouldn 't be too hard . They can
always be checked for frequency of
search .
No matter how effective a PPC advert
is at driving traffic to a website,
marketers will not be successful if the
landing page is inappropriate. Users
that click through to web pages expect
the ad to be representative of its
destination. If your adverts offer
discounts or specific products , make
sure that users are delivered to a
relevant location where they can take
Timing is an important aspect of PPC
Advertising , and timing requires
constant monitoring of statistics or
knowledge of statistics of the past. In
terms of seasonality , marketers
should be able to predict certain
market trends at a given time and
modify their PPC strategies
accordingly. Whether these trends are
spurred by something as simple as a
holiday , or something more subtle,
trends are predictable and should be
anticipated . On a more day -to- day
level, monitoring can be used to
isolate particularly successful or
unsuccessful periods of time . It may
be wise to increase the prominence of
ads during the successful periods and
to limit the budget or click through
allowance of ads in the less-than -
successful times .
Although many of the factors
mentioned in this blog are relevant to
search PPC alone, 'platform ' should
be one of the primary considerations
of all online marketers. Generally there
are three main options when
considering utilising PPC ads :
keyword -driven search ads , targeted
social media ads and re-targeted
display network ads . Each type has its
set of pluses and limitations. It is up
to the discretion of the marketer
which would be the most appropriate
choice for their marketing campaign .
Perhaps all three could be used .

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